Free Freon

“Your Freon is FREE” Guarantee

We Have the Industry’s Only Free Freon Guarantee

Kelly’s Heating and Air is proud of its continued, good standing Freon license status with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The “Your Freon is FREE” Guarantee is a proactive way for Kelly’s Heating and Air to help promote the EPA’s Clean Air Act legislation. Our hope is that this guarantee might save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, help to protect the health and safety of you and your family, and save our planet!  It is the mission of Kelly’s Heating and Air to help protect our neighborhoods and communities from the release of toxic Freon into our atmosphere. In exchange for helping us to guard our environment by remedying the causes of environmentally damaging Freon leaks from your residential comfort equipment, “Your Freon FREE!

  • The “Your Freon is FREE!Guarantee only applies to repairs deemed acceptable by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • According to the EPA, if 15% or more of the Freon leaks from any residential comfort equipment within a 12 month period then the location of the leak must be discovered and repaired.
  • According to the EPA, continuing to have Freon added to a leaking system or intentionally releasing Freon into the atmosphere is against the law and can result in fines as high as nearly $40,000 per day!
  • If residential comfort equipment is leaking Freon and the leak is not repairable, than the EPA requires that the equipment be place out of commission or replaced.  If you choose Kelly’s Heating and Air to replace your system, “Your Freon is FREE!” ™
  • Kelly’s Heating and Air will not add Freon for FREE to residential comfort equipment that the EPA considers to be leaking if the owner of the equipment chooses to not have the environmentally damaging Freon leaks fixed.
  • Residential comfort equipment that falls below the EPA 15% requirement and just need to have the Freon level “topped off” does not qualify for the “Your Freon is FREE!Guarantee.
  • The “Your Freon is FREE!Guarantee only applies to residential customers within our normal service area.